Itching is a condition that anybody can and often will experience at some point in their life, and that is in fact something you may be experiencing right now. If you are and you feel that it may be Modafinil that is causing your itching then do please read one as this guide will give you an insight into whether Modafinil does indeed cause itching.

There are however, as I should point out lots of other things that could be causing you to itch, and there is a very good chance that it will not be Modafinil that is causing you to itch, and if not you should make a point of finding out what it causing you to itch of course.

Modafinil Could Cause Itching

One thing that you do need to be aware of is that one of the side effects of taking and using Modafinil is that you could get a skin rash and you could therefore start to itch.

If that is something that you may be worried about then I would suggest you try a small dose of Modafinil initially just to see if you do experience that side effects and if not then you could slowly increase the dose you take to the one you feel is most appropriate to you, but also check to see what other side effects there are of taking Modafinil.

Additional Causes of Itching

There are going to sadly be lots of different reasons that could see you experiencing bouts of itching, and whilst some of them can be very minor skin irritations for example, so of them can be a sign of something much more serious.

Therefore what I would advise you to do is to set aside a little bit of time to watch the above video for there is no doubt in my mind that as soon as you do so you will possibly find out the reason as to why you may be experiencing itching bouts, if indeed you are doing so!

Easy to Take Pills

I am often asked whether Modafinil is an easy to take drug and I am please to let you know that it has indeed been designed to be a very easy to swallow drug, so you should never experience any problems when taking it!

Learn More about Modafinil

Below I am going to be answering many additional questions related to using and taking and even sourcing Modafinil, but be aware there are many other articles and guides similar to this one related to Modafinil available throughout this website you may be interested in reading and making full use of.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the drug Vigicer instead of Modafinil?

You have probably been spending a lot of time researching all of the many different alternative drugs that are available to you as opposed to taking Modafinil  but please be aware that if you come across the drug Vigicer that drug is Modafinil but with just a different name.

Is a headache a side effect of taking Modafinil?

Much like when taking any drugs there is of course the chance that you could experience some of the side effects of taking them and one of the common side effects just so you know of Modafinil is headaches so just be aware that is a very common side effect.

Can I operate machinery when taking Modafinil?

Operating machinery when you feel way too tired or are not feeling particularly alert is a very dangerous thing to do, and what it has been discovered is that by taking Modafinil before you do operate such machinery is that you are then going to remain awake and much more importantly alert too.

How many shift workers take Modafinil?

Sadly, many people these days have to work split shifts or even some much longer shifts at work than they ever used to have to do in the past, and in regards to the number of people that do take Modafinil when they are working shift work of any type, well those numbers are very high.

Is it perfectly safe to take both Rifampin and Modafinil?

The more you learn about Modafinil then the sooner you will realize it is a very safe and very effective drug to take, and it may just be one that you are thinking about taking, if that is the case then be aware there can be a drug interaction with some other drugs and one that does interact with it is Rifampin.