It can often be quite confusing when you are learning more about the drug Modafinil, for what many people do discover when doing so is that there are now a huge and some would say ever growing range of different variants and off-label versions of that drug they could choose to take.

Whilst most people will always stick to using the original version of Modafinil, they could for one of many different reasons choose to take an off-label version of that drug instead, and being an off-label version of that drug, all that means is that it is a unique brand named generic version of Modafinil.

Off-Label Variants of Modafinil

There are in fact so many different off-label variants of Modafinil these days you do need to know just what names those generic variants of Modafinil are, so that you are aware they are not unique drugs in their own right.

As such be aware that probably the most common off-label versions of Modafinil that you should quite easily come across these days are the drugs Alertec, Alertex, Altasomil, Aspendos, Forcilin, Intensit, Mentix, Modafinil, Modafinilo, Modalert and Modanil.

What Are Generic Drugs

It can be very confusing if you are not that well versed in the manufacture of drugs to get a good understanding of what generic drugs are and what if any benefits there are of taking generic drugs, and I do of course want you to get a clear understanding of them.

So to help you get your head around in a very clear and concise way as to what generic drugs are and why they are available, the above video is one that I recommend you want for by watching it there is no doubt in my mind that you will then be able to decide and make a decision as to whether a generic form or Modafinil is for you.

Lesser Popular Off-Label Versions of Modafinil

Let me now move onto give you some ideas of the other less popular off-label versions of Modafinil that you are certainly likely to come across, those generic versions go by the brand names of Modasomil, Modvigil, Modiodal, Modiwake, Movigil, Provigil, Resotyl, Stavigile, Vigia, Vigicer, Vigil, Vigimax, Wakelert and Zalux.

Whether you will be interested in taking and using them is of course up to you, but as is always the case I do think you will be best advised to stick to taking the original version of Modafinil instead.

Non Prescription Off-Label Modafinil

Below I am going to be answering several questions related to off-label Modafinil and Modafinil itself, but one thing you do need to be fully aware of if you are thinking of getting any of those versions of Modafinil I have mentioned up above is that you can get all of them without a prescription from your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I bet better off using Altasomil?

As there are many different names given to Modafinil it is important to know that you will find you can get an alternative but with the only difference being the name of the drug, and one of those brand names that you will come across is Altasomil.

What should I do if I get a skin rash with Modafinil?

If you notice or start to experience any type of skin rash after you have started taking Modafinil then immediately do not take any more and get yourself along to a doctor or emergency room as that is a serious yet very rare side effect of Modafinil.

Is Modafinil a wonder drug?

If there is one thing that Modafinil has become famed for being it is the next generation of wonder drug, for after taking your daily dose that is then going to put you in a frame of mind where you will find it much easier to stay focussed and concentrate in a way that you may not have thought possible.

Can I use Modafinil to help me work longer?

Working for much longer hours these days especially in today’s financial climate is something that many people are forced to have to do, and as such that is one of the exact reasons that more and more people are taking Modafinil as it does keep them awake and alert.

Could Modafinil and Rifadin interact with each other?

If you do want to take Modafinil then as you will have discovered you can get hold of it without a doctor’s prescription, however just be aware you should always seek your doctor’s approval if you intend to start taking and using Modafinil when you are currently taking the drug Rifadin.