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Using the Modafinil Research Website

You are not required to have to sign up to or register to use the Modafinil Research website, as we have made it available to anyone that has an interested in finding out more about that Smart Drug, the benefits of using it along with any risks associated with using it.

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Be aware that you will find more about the way we use and store your personal information on our Privacy Policy page of the Modafinil research website so please so check it out and digest the information contained on that section of this site.

We do not manufacturer or supply Modafinil and as such this website has been designed and has been compiled to be used purely for research and information purposes only.

Third Party Websites

To enable us to give you a fully rounded website visiting experience, please do be aware that you are going to find links to third party websites throughout this website.

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If you do have any questions what so ever in regards to the Modafinil Research website or require any additional information about this website, you will find out direct contact details on the contact us section of this website.

Using and Taking Modafinil

As Modafinil is a drug albeit in most cases a safe and legal drug to use and take, if you do have any concerns about any medical conditions that you currently have or are concerned about any side effects or drug interactions that could occur when using and taking Modafinil you should seek the advice from your doctor or a medical professional.

At no time can we be help responsible for any ill effects caused or experienced by you using and taking Modafinil, and as such you should always ensure that it is a suitable drug for you to take if and when you do decide to source a supply.

I would also like point out that it is important for you to ensure that any supply of Modafinil or any additional generic forms of Modafinil you decide to acquire are sourced only from an approved stockist only online.

Whilst you are going to find plenty of approved stockists at which you can sources a supply of Modafinil, there are also some sites out there that can and often do supply fake or counterfeit versions of that drug, and that is something you will of course never want to experience!